Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)

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Our Or­gan­i­sa­tion

Haupthaus des Bundeskriminalamtes am Standort Wiesbaden Haupthaus des Bundeskriminalamtes am Standort Wiesbaden

More than 5.500 men and women make an important contribution to obtain the internal security of the federal republic of Germany by working for the BKA. They are majorly located in Wiesbaden (headquarters), Berlin and Meckenheim (near Bonn).

The BKA gathers experts with special knowledge on criminal science, natural and social sciences, law, economics as well as information technology and administration, in order to confront the broad spectrum of criminal phenomena in a proper manner.

Approximately half of all employees are fully trained criminal police officers. The other half includes staff of more than 70 different groups of occupations.

About 34% of the staff members are civil service employees; approximately 12% are administrative and “other” officers. The proportion of female employees makes up about 38%.

Anlage des Bundeskriminalamtes am Standort Berlin Anlage des Bundeskriminalamtes am Standort Berlin

The BKA itself trains its future criminal police officers for service at the Federal College of Public Administration.

Qualified graduates with an alternative final degree can be employed based on a particular demand to fill positions at higher and senior career levels of the federal police service.

Besides, young people are regularly offered apprenticeships in thirteen different vocations to be learnt at the BKA, which has been commended several times for being the best vocational training institution by the Wiesbaden Chamber of Commerce.

Furthermore, all employees are offered the possibility to participate in advanced training and professional development.

Due to frequently changing requirements in the fight against crime, the organisational structure of the BKA is being optimised continuously. Since January 2005, the BKA has been fulfilling tasks within the framework of nine organisational units. The President, who is assisted by two Vice-Presidents, is in the vanguard of the BKA.

Organisation structure of the BKA Organisation structure of the BKA