Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)

Wichtige Mitteilung

Der Schutz personenbezogener Daten ist dem BKA ein wichtiges Anliegen. Daher werden auf dieser Website Nutzungsdaten nur in anonymisierter Form zu Optimierungszwecken gesammelt und gespeichert. Weitere Hinweise erhalten Sie hier. Daten­schutz

Foren­sic Sci­ence In­sti­tute (KT)

Forensic science

The solving of crimes and the subsequent submission of evidence are made considerably easier, or in many cases only made possible in the first place, by knowledge from the fields of natural science and technology. With successful research and by means of the most modern scientific equipment and methods, evidence can be found and analysed, which can be more reliable as objective proof than witnesses’ statements or offenders’ confessions. The “Forensic Science Institute” of the BKA has at its disposal the required technical and scientific facilities to be able to compile and represent expert opinions at the request of police services, public prosecutors’ offices and courts.