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Wanted person: Ahmad, Faisal Zahoor

Family name: Ahmad

First name: Faisal Zahoor

Date of birth: 23.05.1980

Place of birth: Halifax, Great Britain

Nationality: british

The wanted person also uses the parts of his name (surname and first name) in a different order/combination.

Case-specific details:

Together with the Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden and an investigation team attached to the Hessian tax investigation offices, the public prosecutor general's office (Eingreifreserve) in Frankfurt am Main is conducting an investigation into suspected money laundering and gang-type value added tax fraud in connection with fraudulent emission allowance trading.

In this connection, Faisal Zahoor AHMAD, British national, has been circulated as wanted on the basis of an international arrest warrant.

In his capacity as a general manager of the German company styled Roter Stern GmbH seated in Munich, he is among other things suspected of having evaded value added tax in the amount of 58 million EUR between August 2009 and February 2010. Acting as a member of a gang committing value added tax fraud in connection with emission allowance trading throughout Europe, his task was to act as a so-called "buffer".

According to the investigation authorities' knowledge, the subject is staying in the United Kingdom.

Who can provide information as to the whereabouts of the wanted person, Faisal Zahoor AHMAD. If desired, the information provided can be treated as confidential.

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